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New Release: have some fun with inFlow Version 2.1!

by | Jun 11, 2010 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

It’s time to get excited folks! We’ve got the brand spanking new version of the inFlow that you all know and love. This is the final result of the beta releases we’ve been making such a fuss about and Version is ready and willing to help you make even more improvements to the way that you manage your inventory.

With this release you will be able to customize your invoices and other documents, giving you more choices than ever about how your business communicates your message. You can now choose from our three template styles available through the Print Settings, and shown below:


What’s more, if you have Microsoft Word, you can create your own custom documents (e.g. envelopes or custom invoices) and have inFlow integrate them using mail merge. More info is available here:

We’ve also made inFlow easier to use by giving you an option to automatically save customer information entered into a Sales Order to be used as the default next time.

Download this new release for free now!

And while you’re at it, why not suggest an inspirational quote in our Inspire Thousands Contest. Your quote could be featured in an upcoming release of our software, reaching other inFlow users all over the world! Entry is free and you could win the chance to become inFamous! Enter now by posting to our contest thread:

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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