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Preview of serial numbers for inFlow v3

by | Oct 10, 2013 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

[Note: this is an older post from before we launched inFlow v3. The good news is that inFlow v3 is now on sale as inFlow On-Premise, and you can download the Free Edition by clicking here.]

The day has come!

Well, almost…

While v3 isn’t quite ready to come out of the oven, today we get to show you one of the most requested features for inFlow Inventory! You guessed it – serial numbers!

While we’ve had a work around to use serial numbers with other versions of inFlow, it’ll be an official feature when v3 launches.

The video below will show you exactly how you can create a serialized product in inFlow.

You’ll also see how you can buy products with serial numbers as well as sell them too. For example, when buying, you’ll see how you can enter the serial numbers in advance or enter them after you’ve received the items.

If you’re a manufacturer and want to have inFlow generate serial numbers for you, you can do that too!

See it in action:

Like what you see?

It’s available at

Our next preview video will showcase lifo/fifo costing! To be sure to get the latest inFlow news and updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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